Date Night - Turtle Bay, why I'll never go back. *sigh*

I was against it for reasons which I'll explain a bit later on but the Mr had never been and despite the reviews from Caribbean's he thought we should give it a try. 

Ive been to Turtle Bay before, at the beginning of the year my little cousin booked it for his Mum's surprise birthday dinner however that was the branch in Milton Keynes. This time we were to go to the one in Walthamstow which I agreed might be better. 

We arrived and explained we had a reservation and were seated by a lovely gentleman shortly after one of the staff came and took our drinks order. I ordered a "Reggae rum punch" and Mr ordered a "Rude boy" LOL, both of these are cocktails which have Wray & Nephews as their core ingredient and if you know me, you know I love a bit of Wray plus, we're going for the whole "caribbean vibe" right? 

A few moments later the same staff member came back and took our food order. 

For starters we chose: Trini doubles which is regularly served as a roadside snack in Trinidad&Tobago. It's roti, curried chickpeas, cucumber&mango chutney with fresh shredded coconut and we also ordered Crispy chilli squid coated with panko with mango mole, fresh lime and coriander mayo. 


Sweet potato fries

Trini Pineapple chow which is marinated diced pineapple with coriander, garlic fresh lime juice and scotch bonnet. 

Curry shrimp, king prawn and mango with sweet potato cooked in Caribbean spices, fresh green seasoning & sweet onion chutney.

Caribbean curry fish - snapper, cooked in coconut curry sauce with scotch bonnet, garlic and ginger. 

The food was lovely and flavoursome and true to everything it said on the menu however being from the Caribbean myself I do NOT feel that this is a true representation of Caribbean food, my partner also agrees, having visited a few caribbean islands himself. 

I would only assume that the chefs aren't Caribbean which could explain why the food doesn't have a real Caribbean taste I personally believe this has an affect on the way the food is prepared. It's not authentic Caribbean food and for people who aren't Caribbean, have never visited the Caribbean, don't have Caribbean friends or come from a Caribbean background this representation isn't the best. 

E.G the first time our pineapple chow was served it came plain, may I add the waiter didn't notice and although I understand this was probably a mistake, if we didn't know it was missing the "chow" then we would've ate plain pineapple and wondered why we paid so much for pineapple that we could've bought in Sainsbury's. I can't help but think that if the waiter was caribbean then maybe he would've noticed and not even allowed it out of the kitchen. I don't think it's right to attempt to represent a culture that isn't your own if you don't do so correctly. I feel the customers should receive authenticity. If you set out to have a Chinese meal for example but it's cooked by an Indian man, it's highly likely that it won't be as authentic as if it was cooked by somebody Chinese. As I said earlier the food was nice and the drinks were amazing, the service was great and the waiters and waitresses were friendly and went above and beyond to do what you'd ask of them. Overall, as usual date night was cute, lovely and filled with fun. 

If you do want to try Caribbean food I'd suggest you research a restaurant that have Caribbean chefs so you're able to have a true experience. 

Please understand that these are my own personal opinions which everybody is entitled to and this is just an honest opinion and review of another date night. 


Talk soon, 

KelilaJade xXx