Tips for when you're having bad hair days.


It probably shouldn’t, but a bad hair day can really ruin your day. For some women I’ve known, it’s actually stopped them from going out of the house – that’s just crazy, especially when it’s so easy to avoid bad hair days. It might sound too good to be true, but you really can wave goodbye to bad hair days for good. Here are a few ways to make the dream come true:


Get Proactive.

Whether you’re hair’s prone to reverting in the heat, if it tends to dry out very easily or gets all knotted when you sleep, when your scarf falls off the simplest way to solve your bad hair problems is by being proactive! Use a restorative hair mask once a week, keep your scalp moisturised and use a leave-in conditioner to prevent tangling. I've found that when staying on top of maintaining my hair I only have to do the minimum in the mornings. 


Spritz, Slick and Dry. (Afro hair)

There are days when I can't be bothered to my hair, I'm sure we all have them. I'm about to let the cat out of the bag. When i'm having one of those days and I'm not wearing a protective style, ECO styler gel and edge control are my BEST friends. I literally grab my water spray bottle which is filled with a moisturising conditioner, spritz my hair tills my natural curls appear, apply a handful of gel, use my flat brush to flatten my hair. Then I take my edge control and apply it to the edges, tie my headscarf around my head for ten minutes and remove it when I'm about to leave my house! Sleek and simple!


Have Dry Shampoo to Hand. (European hair)

I've personally never used it but I have heard people ranting about it and i've seen my friend use it too. It seems that if the major cause of your bad hair days is excess oil then having a bottle of dry shampoo on hand at all times (you can buy travel cans) is a must. With a quick spritz and brush, your hair will look as healthy, clean and oil free as it ever did.


Consider a protective style. (Afro hair)

If your bad hair days are more frequent than not, maybe because you’re trying to grow your hair out and it’s still in that in-between stage, that can be so difficult to style, human hair extensions are your saviour. They'll give the illusion of longer, thicker hair or alternatively you could get braids to help you through this process until your hair grows to the desired length.


Pin It. (All hair types)

If your fringe isn't sitting right, is a bit unruly and you can’t seem to get to grips with it then, it’s good to have lots of bobby pins to help. Instead of fussing around washing, blow drying and straightening your bangs, just pin them back for an instant improvement. A headband is a good alternative if even using pins is too much for you to deal with in the mornings.


Twist and Go. (All hair types)

Woke up late? Cant find your straighteners? The humble side twist hairstyle is so simple – you can literally do it in seconds but it is so effective at masking a bad hair day that even if your hair is still doing it's own thing, no one will know because it’ll be disguised in a cute twist. 


The Messy Bun. (All hair types)

If all else fails and you just can’t shake your bad hair day, I have two words for you – messy bun. I explained earlier about this being my go-to hairstyle, the beauty of a messy bun is that it’s meant to look a bit untamed, so even if your hair’s in a real state, you’ll still look great, and you won’t have to worry about hiding your hair away! To get a more sleep look just follow my advice in the "Spritz, slick and dry" paragraph.

Hope these tips help, talk soon,


KelilaJade xXx




Disclaimer: This post is partnered however i've added some personal tips too!