Your Guide To Getting Dewy Glowing Skin This Summer.

When we’re in the height of summer, one of the last things that people want to do is to wear a ton of makeup. It can look really unnatural and feel too heavy on your skin, especially if you are going to be sweating a lot. So looking for some more natural looking makeup, or even none at all is a great look for summer. Then you can have some Chrissy Teigen glowing and dewy skin with very little effort. Here are some tips and tricks to achieve such a look.

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Drink More Water.

It is no secret that having clear and glowing skin can be helped by drinking plenty of water. It will keep your skin looking hydrated and plump too, rather than dry and wrinkled. Drinking water also helps to flush out toxins in the skin (especially the under eye area), as well as promote blood flow to the skin. This is never more important than during the summer months either!



Use a Hydrating Primer.

A good primer is a must in your makeup arsenal. So look for one that doubles up as an amazing moisturizer too. A primer that will double up as a hydrator and a primer is a big help and will avoid the need for finding another moisturizer too. It can give you a glowing, dewy look on your skin by doing very little. Plus, primers can feel like silk on your skin, so they don’t feel heavy for summer.


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Finish With Setting Powder.

Whether you have a lot of makeup on or are wearing very little, a setting powder, like using a luxury banana powder, can work wonders for your look. It will make your makeup stay put, as well as giving your skin a nice natural glow. The added benefit is that it stops makeup from creasing, which is important in summer when your skin might be a little drier than normal.



Use Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is so hot right now, and it is easy to see why! It can be a great way to get instantly glowing skin, especially if you use it as a highlighter. Using it in areas like your cheekbones or the bridge of your nose can help to reflect the light, giving you a glowing look. Less is certainly more, though. You don’t want to end up looking like you’ve got greasy skin!



Get Enough Sleep.

When we don’t get enough sleep, it has been connected to bad skin conditions and has been shown to make things like acne worse. It can speed up aging and can dry your skin out. So an easy win is to make sure that you get enough sleep! The more sleep you get each night, the better that your skin will be. And nothing is better than getting naturally dewy and glowing skin from something that you can control.


Have you ever tried any of these tips and tricks for dewy skin before? I’d be interested to hear what you think about them, leave your comments below.


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