Wireless 2017, it wasn't what I expected.

View from the VIP Sky deck.

View from the VIP Sky deck.

Can't believe it's been a week since wireless already! I've never been before, I'm not much of a planner and always ending up trying to do last minute.com. 

This year I saw Sundays line up and sent it to a few friends and my fiancé. It looked good but we didn't book it, then my cousin showed interest and so did a few friends, long story short we ended up there, and it was LIT! So lit I've only just taken my wristband off because I was holding on the the memories, sad I know.

 We arrived at about 12:30 and cheated the festival norm a bit as we didn't have to wait in long queues. The VIP ticket holders have a designated entry lane so we got through fairly quickly. Due to the time we arrived unfortunately we missed Desiigner and some of the other earlier acts however when we got in we went straight to the VIP village to stock up on beverages, we downloaded the wireless app (must have) checked the schedule and went back out to watch Tyga and explore the grounds a bit. 

As you might've noticed from my snaps, I've got tendonitis so I can't stand for too long, every time I needed to rest I took a seat on the grass, so many people were chilling having picnics on the floor so thankfully I didn't look weird sitting in the middle of nowhere. The vibe was so calm and everyone was there to enjoy themselves, I bumped into a few friends and I know my cousin was there too but my phone died before I managed to find her.

Kojo Funds, Wizkid, Tory Lanez, Nas & The Weekend also performed, all of their performances were brilliant they interacted with the crowd and kept us all entertained, especially Tory lanez when he attempted to crowd surf.

Overall it was a fantastic day and i'd definitely recommend it. If you know people that went they'll probably tell you the same thing too. I'd personally go again and I'd recommend having VIP tickets as i've heard lots about the long queues for the bathrooms, drinks and food stalls that festivals usually have and if I'm honest I don't think my bladder can wait that long for a bathroom to be available lol. If yours can then the standard tickets are perfect. I'd definitely say Wireless is something you must experience but there are a few things i'd say that you should have with you to maintain yourself. 

I'd recommend that you:

1: Download the wireless app

2: Wear comfortable shoes

3: Bring hand sanitiser, tissues, a portable charger, money, vaseline and a hairbrush.


Talk soon, 

KelilaJade xXx


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Sunglasses - Prada  Earrings - New look  Rings - New look  Leotard - Topshop  Jeans - FashionNova  Anklet - Thomas Sabo  Sliders - Fenty x Puma 

Sunglasses - Prada

Earrings - New look

Rings - New look

Leotard - Topshop

Jeans - FashionNova

Anklet - Thomas Sabo

Sliders - Fenty x Puma