Kick Your Bad Habits For Good

You’re never quite as healthy as you think you are. Even if you exercise regularly, there are still some bad habits that you haven’t yet managed to quit, which are holding you back from becoming your best self. Some of them might even be killing you slowly. Fortunately, there is plenty of help and advice out there to encourage you to kick your bad habits to the curb for good. If you won’t do it for yourself, then maybe do it for someone who loves you and wants you to live a long, healthy life.

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Binge drinking.

Even if you’re sober as a nun during the week, getting hammered on the weekends is not easier on your liver. Women who regularly consume two or more drinks a day and men who regularly down three or more are at higher risk for liver damage, various cancers including those of the liver and mouth, high blood pressure, and depression. You don’t have to quit completely, but it won’t hurt to cut back, or even limit yourself to a few glasses on special occasions.

Soon after you cut back, your digestion will improve and you'll sleep more soundly. Your blood sugar will be lower and steadier, your blood pressure may fall toward a healthier range, and even your brain will bounce back. You’ll even enjoy a healthy liver and cardiovascular system for the rest of your life.



By now it’s no secret that smoking is bad for you. It directly causes 30 percent of heart disease deaths, 30 percent of cancer deaths, and a massive 80 to 90 percent of all lung cancers, not to mention increasing the risk of developing mouth, throat, and, bladder cancer. Fortunately, there are number of methods available to help you kick this habit for good. You can choose from e-cigarettes, which have a variety of vivid vapours to suit each taste, nicorette gum, nicotine patches, and plenty of support groups willing to share their experience. The health benefits are almost immediate, because your lungs and cardiovascular system begin repairing themselves within minutes of your last cigarette. Within a month, your lungs will work better and you should be coughing less, feel more energetic, and have less shortness of breath. Most people take on exercise to reduce the cravings, so that’s yet another potential benefit to quitting.



Whether you’re snacking between meals, or your portion sizes are out of control, you need to stop overeating. Snacking when you’re not hungry teaches you to ignore your body’s natural hunger and satisfaction signals, which leads to more overeating during meal times. Additionally, most things we like to snack on - crisps, chocolate, or crackers - are loaded with excess sugar and salt, which can increase the risk of diabetes or other serious conditions.
To kick the habit, wait until you’re physically craving food before you start to eat anything. Drinking water can help curb your appetite for a while. Within a month or so you’ll see a significant reduction in your waistline.



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