8 Secrets to Inspiring Body Confidence

Many women perceive their bodies as larger, uglier or thinner than they actually are. They look at their friends who are either prettier or slimmer than they are, and they automatically assume that they don’t look anything like them and that they need to criticise themselves for not looking perfect. In fact, many women are dissatisfied with how they look, even going as far to shower themselves with hateful or negative comments and bullying themselves into strict diet regimes or lengthy makeup rituals in order to feel great about themselves.



There’s also a lot of pressure on people to slim down to look like supermodels and celebrities. These types of thoughts eventually lead to self-hate and abusive dieting and workout schedules, and it could be more harmful to your body than anything. Even worse, studies have shown that people typically see their friend’s problems as their own. This means if one of your friends perceives themselves to be larger than they actually are, you might also feel the same way and mirror those problems onto your own body.


Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks to boost your body confidence and make you feel great about yourself. No matter your size or current health issues, you can inspire yourself to love your body and criticise yourself logically and fairly instead of pushing yourself to insane extremes that could damage your health. Not only is this great for yourself, but it also helps to boost motivation among your group of friends. Without further ado, here are eight tips that will teach you to love your body.


1. Understanding health implications.

First of all, let’s talk about size. There’s a major difference between shaming someone for being fat and accepting what their body size is. The first thing you should be worrying about is not how large you are or how skinny you are, but more what it means for your health. If a doctor tells you that your size is causing health issues, such as being obese or anorexic, then you need to change your diet and you need to make alterations to your lifestyle.


Being able to put a smile on your face and live life to the fullest is perhaps the single most important thing in your life. No one wants to live miserably and no one wants to suffer for the rest of their life. If you’re going to make a change to your body that inspires confidence, then at least consider the underlying health implications it comes with before you make drastic changes to your lifestyle.


2. The inside reflects the outside.

Remember that how you feel on the inside is ultimately going to reflect on your outside appearance. If you want to be confident about your body, then you need to switch to a healthier diet. For glowing skin that looks beautiful and smooth, you need to eat foods that are rich in nutrients and you also need to eat foods like salmon and sardines which are great for omega-3 fatty acids. It helps to reduce inflammation in your skin and also prevents acne building up.


Speaking with a nutritionist is probably the best way to get advice on how to improve your diet. The more care and effort you put into the foods you eat, the better you’ll feel on the inside and that will ultimately reflect on your outside appearance. Feeling confident is sometimes about knowing that you’re healthy and that you’re eating well, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and progress when you compare your newer and improved lifestyle to your old one.




3. Expressing yourself.

Far too many people cover themselves up with baggy clothes to hide their less desirable body features. Unfortunately, this is one of the clearest signs that you’re not confident with your body. Another sign of a lack of confidence is when you copy your friends with their clothing brands or mimic celebrity outfits instead of building up your own sense of style and fashion. Expressing yourself is one of the best ways to instil a sense of confidence in yourself. Wear the clothes you like and allow them to fit around your body perfectly. You should buy whatever brands you can afford and wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable.


This also extends to your hairstyle and makeup. If you want to change your hairstyle, pamper yourself one day and go visit a well-known stylist, get a massage to relax your skin, and boost your confidence by feeling like a million dollars. If you look into the mirror and don’t like something because it looks dull or boring, then learn to express yourself and change your style to fit your personal taste.


4. It’s fine to spend money.

Whether you’re visiting a breast form store so you can feel more confident about your chest or spending money on a well-known fashion brand, it’s fine to spend money sometimes. Although it’s not good to rely on money as a way to feel better about yourself, there are times when spending a bit of cash can give you the confidence you need.


You don’t need to spend money on your fashion or accessories to feel better about yourself either. You could always spend money hiring a personal trainer to help you get in shape, or you could spend it on a spa weekend to pamper yourself and reduce your stress to make you feel better about yourself. Remember that we need to spend money to get places in life, but there are always frugal ways to go about encouraging yourself to be confident. Just don’t neglect to spend money and be happy when you do.



5. Mind over matter.

Your mind is one of the most powerful things in your body. You can break limits with it, you can convince yourself of something, and it’s one of the best things to utilise if you want to instil some self-confidence in your mind. One of the first things to master is to calm your nerves and stop your over-critical thinking. If you see yourself in the mirror and hammer yourself with rude comments and criticism, then cut down and stop it.


You need to realise that every mean comment you give yourself is essentially making it difficult for you to be confident about yourself. Be happy, positive, and give yourself a break. Celebrate positive changes to your body and remember that small differences add up to become something larger. Don’t neglect the importance of calming yourself and thinking positively in order to obtain happiness and confidence.


6. Actions speak louder than words.

Constantly telling yourself or reminding yourself that you’re going to workout and get healthy, but never doing it, is just going to make you feel worse. Instead of speaking about it, why not actually take action? Following through with all of your promises will give you a fantastic motivational boost. Reaching your goals always feels like an achievement worth celebrating and it gives you a great sense of confidence in life. The next time you feel like you’re failing yourself, following through with your words and inspire yourself to take action to feel more confident.

If you keep telling yourself you’ll take action but never do it, you’ll always feel like you’ve failed yourself. Instead of constantly feeling like you’ve let yourself down, inspire yourself to take action so you can be proud of yourself. Whether it’s something small like giving yourself a bit more relaxation time in the evenings or something more drastic like signing up for a gym membership, remember that every small step is an accomplishment and makes you feel better about yourself.




7. Stop ranting.

Whenever you rant with friends about how you hate yourself for your decisions, you’re also making them think of their own decisions and situation. That negativity can spread throughout your group of friends, and you’re all going to feel worse about yourselves because you introduce that uneasy feeling that perhaps you’re not as confident or comfortable about your body as you think. This can be very damaging to not just your own, but you friends’ confidence.


Instead of talking about how you wish you were thinner or agreeing with your friends when they rant about their size, turn it into a joke or tell them otherwise. Don’t add or spread that negativity unless it’s warranted. For instance, if a friend is suffering health issues because of their weight, then it’s fine to criticise them within reason but only for their benefit and their sake. If your weight is fine but you and your friends are constantly criticising yourselves, then stop it as soon as possible and realise that you’re not in a bad situation.


8. Learn to love your body.

Lastly, learn to love your body. No matter what imperfections you perceive yourself as having, turn them into strong points. You never want to focus on just the negative aspects of your body. Remember that no matter what you do, perfection isn’t a goal that you can reach because there’s no such thing as the perfect body or prettiest face. Define your own style, learn to love your body, and feel confident about being who you are: yourself.


Let me know which ones you try and if they're helping you!


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Disclaimer: This post is partnered however, I believe everything included in it to be the truth.