Protect Your Future Self.

As important as it is to enjoy and live your life in the present, it’s also just as important to keep one eye on the future. It’s important to ensure that your future self isn’t going to be affected by bad decisions that you make to so to protect your future self from this creating bad circumstances, you need to stop making bad decisions now! Below are a few areas that you should focus on when it comes to protecting the person you are to become in the future.

Firstly, you should always consider your future health as much as you do your current health. Being as healthy as can be isn’t just a task for today, it’s a task for tomorrow and the day after too. To make sure you're as fit and as healthy tomorrow, you need to take precautions today . You could start by considering all the options on offer when it comes to tending to your muscles and though that might sound random but by doing so you can make sure that they will be able to withstand workouts and day to day life as you age. There are so many options out there when it comes to this and one of them is to have your body tended to by a professional masseuse, such as Brilliant Massage Therapy, after over exerting yourself at the gym for example. By giving your body the attention it deserves after it has been put through an intense workout you are doing your best to make sure it has recovered in time for the next one. In order to keep your strong for as long as possible, it needs to be completely ready for every workout. Another way to prepare your body for the future is to seek Chinese remedies in this field. Professional athletes including boxer Anthony Joshua, have taken to getting acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture, and other remedies such as cupping, ensures that the muscles recuperate. By taking precautions like this at a younger age athletes are ensuring that their body will be able to carry them throughout their whole career. Even if you're not a professional athlete it doesn’t mean you can’t take precautions, they are necessary if you want to maintain your health now and see yourself thrive now and in the future too. Your health isn’t just about feeling good now, it’s about maintaining it and bringing it into old age with you.

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There are other ways to make sure your health is as it should be in the future without being  on a masseuse’s treatment table. One way is to schedule recurring visits to see your doctor. By doing so you are making it more likely that any underlying conditions you have are discovered. As well as this you have the best opportunity to detect the earliest stages of an illness as well as the opportunity to fight it. Another simple way to protect your health’s future is to understand what you can and cannot do at your current stage of life. What this means is that you should take heed of what your body currently allows you to do and to not push it too much. For instance, somebody in their 40s is going to be a lot more prone to injury than those in their 20s. Those of the older age should understand that they can’t push themselves as much as their younger counterparts. They should also seek more recuperation time and methods after a workout. But it’s not all about preparing for your future just by doing things in the present. You can also protect your body from future harm by looking to your past and studying your family’s medical history. It is very important that you know your family’s medical history as genes get passed down through the family tree — and some of these genes aren’t at all healthy. A lot of illnesses are hereditary, but this doesn’t need to necessarily be a bad thing. You can give yourself a vital head start by discovering any illnesses that your family have been affected by in the past. Once you know what you could be susceptible to then you can take suitable action to fight them. If you know you may be in the firing line of an illness because your grandparents suffered it you can know what signs and symptoms to look out for.

Protecting your future isn’t just about protecting your health. You have to protect your financial future also. This could mean seeking the services of a professional and personal financial advisor. Now, this may seem like a costly exercise in the present, but doing so will give you the best opportunity to take better care of your money in the future. A financial advisor will advise you in many different ways. They will de-jargon all the financial terms that are thrown your way in the bank and advise you on a number of different things in a various markets in order to help you avoid a financial problems. They can help with annuities, tax planning and where to and where not to invest your money. However, when it comes to choosing a financial advisor, you need to take a host of things into account. You should most definitely take advice from others who are ‘in the know’. Recommendations from friends, although it may be good advice on their part, might not paint the whole picture. A friend may have a completely different need for having a financial advisor to your need for having one so because of this they may only provide advice based on what they used the services of an advisor for. Instead of seeking friendly advice, seek professional advice from any unions or affinity groups that you may be a part of.


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You don’t just have to use a financial advisor to help you protect your future finances. You could also just generally become more careful in your everyday life. Before taking this venture, you should be aware that it sounds easier than it actually is. To be able to practice a frugal lifestyle and not just preach about it you have to be strict. You have to be able to walk past a pack of biscuits in the supermarket in the knowledge that your future self is going to benefit from you not buying them. You need to be able to not go to the cinema if it is going to mean you lose time on bettering your future stance in your work life. You need to be able to prioritise between what is more important in the particular moments you find yourself in daily. Your present and future financial life are twined intrinsically. It is like a dance. Although your present self may find enjoyment from a particular thing, will your future bank balance think it is just as enjoyable? Will the joy you get from treating yourself be enough, and last long enough to compensate for the money you spend on it? To make this dance as healthy as can be for both the present and future versions of yourself you have to be able to practice restraint. You need to refrain from buying too many treats for your present self which could inflict your future. Not to confused you but you also have to refrain from focusing too much on your future to the point where it could stop you enjoying your current life. Remember, you come first at all times, not just in the present and not just in the future either.

It is still important to think about the present. The present is now and what is more important than ensuring you are getting the most out of right now? Your future self will also be your future present self too, I know what I'm trying to explain so I hope this is making sense.

Anyway, why not give your future present self the best possible head start and put the advice above into practice?

Talk soon

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Disclaimer: This post is partnered however, I believe everything included in it to be the truth.