90's Fashion Trends Making A Comeback.

The 90’s was a strange time for everybody and I think most people made a few fashion mistakes at some point or another. The frosted tip boyband look was at an all time high, but now those poor unfortunates who wore it are trying to destroy any photographic evidence of the whole decade, I'll say no names *Justin Timberlake.* 

Anybody that tells you that they didn’t make any embarrassing fashion choices in the 90’s is a liar but there are some things that we all secretly loved. I know you wish you could bring back some of your favourite styles but you can’t out of fear that somebody will laugh at you. Luckily for you, some of the old 90’s fashion favorites are coming back into style, so you can wear them guilt free.



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From the early 2000’s onwards, we developed an obsession with skinny jeans. The smaller the better. We could hardly get them past our feet and when we eventually did we ended up barely able to walk because we just wanted to be the one with the skinniest jeans. It was a bit of a pain really, any other style of jeans was just out of fashion and that was the end of it. Things have started to ease up a bit since then but you still couldn’t get away with the massive flared bottoms that you used to rock back in the day. Well, fear not, the wide bottom jean is coming back in. Free people and Urban Outfitters have recently started stocking new ranges of your old favourite jeans.



Light Up Shoes

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The best feeling in the whole world was walking into the playground at school and watching heads turn as they saw your brand new light up trainers flashing. I still get that feeling now when I can feel people looking at my shoes! Once you started getting a bit older, you couldn’t wear them anymore. As much as you wanted to, they were kids shoes. Well, they’ve made a comeback, and not only that, they’re becoming popular with adults. There are now LED shoes on sale, and you can now you live out your dream of having light up shoes all over again.




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I'm personally not a fan but I'm sure my short friends would agree that platforms or any form of heel were sent from heaven.  During the 90’s, everything was platform, remember Ginger Spice? She had them all, Flip-flops, shoes, boots etc. If you could put a platform on it, you could bet that somebody already had. Then all of a sudden it was all about heels or flat shoes. Platforms still existed but you couldn’t just stick them on anything. Platform flip-flops are back in, I didn't wear them then and I doubt i'll be wearing them now.



Bucket Hats.

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The denim bucket hat is one of the most iconic nineties fashion items. Just seeing one brings on a wave of nostalgia, reminding us of the Aaliyah and LLCoolJ days but up until recently nobody would be seen dead wearing them then *boom* just like that, they seem to be fashionable again. A fair few celebs have spotted wearing them recently, including Rihanna.


Popcorn Shirts.


When they first came out in the 90’s, these one-size-fits-all top seemed like some kind of space- age technology. I wasn't a fan of them if I'm honest but efforts are being made to bring them back into fashion. A website called magicbubbleshirts.com is still selling them now, and I'm not sure how I feel about this. I think they'll have to get some sort of celeb to start the trend again before anybody jumps on. 

Now we've established whats back in, feel free to go wild on any of the trends. Now i understand when my Mum says "There's nothing new under the sun." 


Talk soon, 

KelilaJade xXx




Disclaimer: This post is partnered however, I believe everything included in it to be the truth.