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We've all got something about ourselves that we're not the fondest of, for example. I don't know if you've noticed but I hardly smile in pictures and when I laugh I always cover my mouth, it's because I absolutely hate my teeth! When I was younger I asked the dentist for braces and she assured me that as i got older my jaw would grow accordingly which would enable my teeth to have space to straighten out. I'm an adult now and unfortunately my teeth aren't as straight as i'd like. Having bad teeth can affect our self-image and our confidence, it has definitely affected mine. the good thing is i've tried to keep my teeth as healthy and as clean/white as possible with hopes of getting braces to help straighten my teeth. Now there are so many ways to keep our teeth bright and healthy. Here are just a few ways that you can bring a sparkle to you smile.


Eating the right things.

When taking steps to achieve pearly white teeth, a few dietary changes need to be made. Several foods are known for yellowing our teeth. Sugar and heavy snacks that cause yellowing over time. Fizzy drinks are particularly bad as they cover every surface of our teeth in sugar which is then left to corrode the enamel.

Several other foods and drinks are bad for staining our teeth. As a nation we love coffee and tea but they can both cause brown staining to our enamel. Red wine can make your teeth go grey. I'm not saying that you should completely stop drinking these drinks cause God knows I love a cup of tea, I am however, suggesting that you drink them less often as it could prevent discolouration. Alternatively, brushing your teeth each time after having these drinks can stop staining from taking effect but I highly doubt you carry a toothbrush in your handbag everywhere you go.

Another one is smoking. This should also be cut down if you’re trying to keep your teeth white. Tar in cigarettes will turn your teeth yellow, and in the case of heavy smokers you may end up with brown teeth, thats not cute at all!



The Way You Brush.

Improving your brushing regime can also help achieve whiter teeth more quickly. Brushing twice a day, morning and night, is advised. You should brush for two minutes at a time and focus on brushing each tooth individually whilst aiming the brush diagonally towards the root of the tooth.

You should aim to replace your toothbrush once every three months as the bristles are likely to be damaged after this period reducing effectiveness of your brushing. Special tooth polishing brushes aim to do a better job and could be worth buying.

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Whitening toothpastes.

You can combine a regular brushing regime with specialist whitening toothpastes to have more of an impact. Such toothpastes may combine bicarbonate of soda and other trick ingredients to increase effectiveness but don’t expect them to taste as nice. LOL!


Activated Charcoal.

One DIY tooth whitening method is to use activated charcoal, you've probably seen the adverts on social media about them or bloggers using them. Putting charcoal on your teeth may not seem like the best thing for whitening, however it’s actually a very effective way of removing stains and plaque. You can brush your teeth with it like toothpaste and afterwards, you should rinse out your mouth thoroughly and then brush again with normal toothpaste. There are so many activated charcoal products you can buy for tooth whitening, some find them more impactful than whitening toothpaste.


Professional treatment.

There are many professional treatments for tooth whitening. Porcelain veneers are a popular option that involves capping each tooth with a white porcelain layer. You can also get composite veneers – whilst cheaper these are not as high quality. Laser treatment is another option that involves taking a layer an enamel off. Maintaining teeth after this treatment is easier, although the process is less expensive and teeth can become more sensitive afterwards. If you're interested in any of the above treatments, please make sure you do your research before going ahead with them.



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Disclaimer: This post is partnered however, I believe everything included in it to be the truth.