How To Plan A Girls Night To Remember!

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There’s nothing quite like an unforgettable girls’ night out, especially after a long week. If you want the next one to be something special, you certainly don’t want to brush over the planning. Whether you’re celebrating someone’s birthday or a night out is just long overdue, your next girls’ night out deserves a lot of attention and planning. With the right crowd and a little organisation, you can assure your next big night out will be one to remember. Here are a few planning tips to make sure everything goes according to plan.


Start Planning Now!

Now that you’re well into womanhood, you and your friends will probably be busy girls, so it’s going to be near impossible to have one of those last-minute, impromptu girls’ nights out you remember from uni days. If you want everyone on board, you’ll need to start making plans and bookings as soon as possible. Call everyone, send out a few group texts, or to get all your girlies rallied. Get any dates that anyone can’t do, and then settle on a night at least one week ahead.


Begin with Happy hour.

The best way to start any night is with affordable drinks and enough food to keep everyone going through the night ahead of them. This doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy, and your crowd might want to go somewhere familiar where you know you can snap up some good deals. However, there’s no reason why you can’t try a new tapas bar or pub that’s got good food if you want to make the night interesting from the start. As long as you can fill up on appetisers and do a little pre-drinking, it’s a good choice.


Do Something Different.

The whole idea of a girls’ night out is getting a little crazy with your closest friends, so don’t waste the night hitting the same old pubs and clubs, seeing the same old people, talking about the same old stuff. If you really want to make memories, do something new and exciting! Go to a cocktail mixing class, get you and your friends on the Mahiki guestlist, or hit a strip show as long as it’s not going to end any marriages! Even if you’re not 100% about a certain idea, it will usually wind up giving you a funny experience to look back on. Still, it helps to have a backup plan.


Arrange Transport in Advance.

This is perhaps the most important part of a girls’ night out. Even if you enjoyed the whole night, walking around the streets when everything’s closed, getting colder and colder, finding that all the taxis are either booked or can’t take all of your party, can really ruin it. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you and your girls, you need to arrange transport to get you back safe and sound. Hiring a limo can be an amazing touch, but may not be in everyone’s budget. Usually, it’s best to pre-book taxis, or get a couple of your girls’ partners to pick you up. However you get shuttled home, don’t leave this to the last minute!

Enjoy your night!



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