What's the Right Style for You?

More people than you may think don’t have a particular style when it comes to fashion. They simply wear whatever they feel like wearing on a given day. This is good in itself, of course as it feels more natural for most people but if you want to build a fashion style, then here are some personal things you'll need to consider.


Your body shape.

You’ve got to be honest with yourself when it comes to your body shape. This isn’t going to turn into advice about what you should do about your body shape; you simply need to know what kind of outfit is going to work best for your body. Consider clothes as a silhouette; this may help you better make out the shapes that the clothes will present. When you look at clothing in terms of shape, it becomes easier to see if they would conform and flatter your own shape. Consider fashion icons and other celebrities with a similar body shape to you!


A look to last.

You can build a style that will take you through winter but what about the winter after that? You shouldn’t get into the habit of picking a style that’s only going to last you for a little while. If you don’t think you’re going to like wearing a given item a few years down the road, then you’re probably going to have some confidence issues about it sooner than you think. Leave the one-use wardrobe to the people who have the money and time to waste and find items and outfits that will fit your lifestyle longterm.


Flickr      P.s I love Vivienne Westwood!



P.s I love Vivienne Westwood!

The mood board.

Mood boards are amazing if you want to figure out a signature style. A few years back, a lot of people would have created them by cutting pictures out of style magazines or printing them off the Internet in order to create a mood board in a scrapbook but these days you can use the Internet to create a digital one! The most popular way of doing this is by using Pinterest. I keep hearing loads about it but I'm yet to use it myself so i'll be learning with you! Learn more about making a mood board for fashion and anything else you like here.


Tight x loose.

You may prefer to have tighter fitting clothing simply because it feels more comfortable but a lot of people choose to get tighter clothing simply because it emphasizes certain features, ya know what I mean? *wink wink* What you need to remember is that either one will have different style opportunities. For example, if you decide you’d be more comfortable in looser clothing, then you can go for the bohemian chic look, which has a focus on loose clothing. Second-hand bohemian clothing is really easy to find, and specialized bohemian jewellery can really complement the whole look. 




At the end of the day, most people will pick a style based on what and who inspires them, just remember that a lot of the really obvious style icons have a lot of people emulating them. The more famous they are, the more likely it is you’re going to end up wearing what a lot of other people are wearing. Try to find slightly more obscure style icons - someone who doesn’t look too different to you is probably a good bet.


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Disclaimer: This post is partnered however, I believe everything included in it to be the truth.