How To Afford More Of Life's Luxuries.

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We all want a certain degree of financial freedom and independence. It's just sad that getting there requires a lot of self-discipline (I too am struggling personally) which means waving away many of life’s luxuries for the long-term savings. Still, if we never take the time to enjoy life, it can totally cripple both our mood and our personal financial goals making you feel like giving up. If you want to enjoy more of everything life has to offer but you feel like you can’t afford it, here are some tips for enjoying more of life’s luxuries on a tight budget.



Re-Think Your Needs.

Aside from monks, everyone has been guilty of living beyond their means at one time or another. Look back on the past couple of weeks and you’ll be able to pick out at least one instance where you’ve bought something that wasn’t within your budget but you felt was a necessity, I used to do it all the time. Whether it’s an extravagant bag, a better car, an expensive new dress or an upgrade on your phone contract, these things all add up. When you’re in a buying mood, try to get into the habit of asking yourself “do I really need this?” Obviously, some frivolous purchases are going to slip through the net from time to time, but the more you can wave away the little treats, the more you’ll have to spend on luxuries that will last and you’ll genuinely love.



There's Nothing Wrong With Asking.

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A lot of people miss out on huge savings, simply because they forget to ask about them or if you're like me, you don't want to be seen as annoying. They may not always be pasted on a massive, flashy billboard, but many companies offer discount programs and opportunities for savings that most of their customers completely overlook. Sometimes, you’ll need to do a little detective work yourself to benefit from these great savings, rather than just asking the teenage cashier at the tills. Take these Macy's coupons at Coupon Sherpa, for instance (couldn't find any english ones.) Obviously, you’re still going to need to pay at least some money, and you shouldn’t let a voucher obsession get in the way of the important point we started with. However, if you do a bit more research you may find that many luxuries you thought were out of your reach can be much more affordable if you leverage the right programs. Go out of your way to look for discounts, and you’ll be amazed at the luxury items you can comfortably afford.

Get Into DIY.

There are countless things that most people can manage to do by themselves, and yet always pay a professional to sort out instead. Obviously, you should never attempt anything that could put you in danger, like fixing an electrical outlet or complicated car issues but if it’s something simple which you can manage on your own, why pay someone else to do it? If you pick up things quickly and your hands are blessed enough then you could start doing your own hair and nails rather than going to the salon or buying ingredients to make home made pizza or chow mein instead of spending money on take aways. These are just a few of the simple DIY jobs that can save you hundreds of pounds in the long run which you can then put towards some of the finer things in life.

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