The Link Between What You Eat And How You Feel.

Your diet and your sense of wellbeing go hand in hand. When you’ve overindulged, or even under-indulged, you’re definitely going to feel it in yourself, I know I do. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and regular routine isn’t just about keeping fit or losing weight, your energy and happiness rely on it too. If you’re feeling a bit run down, lethargic, bloated, or just a bit off, consider your diet, and ask yourself these following questions.


Do you have a balanced diet?

In the simplest sense, our body burns the food, normally carbohydrates, we offer it as energy, and some food sources are higher in energy than others. But that’s not all. We require protein to help to rebuild muscles and make us feel stronger. Fiber helps to give our digestion a boost, and all the other vitamins and minerals we get from our food have many different important tasks, from keeping our bones strong and healthy, to keeping our brain nerves firing properly. The importance of a balanced diet is to avoid the issues which come with a lack of any of these important elements of food. If you don’t think you’re getting enough protein, fiber, or vitamins, consider changing your diet or adding supplements, and see how that can help boost your energy and mood.

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Are you giving your digestion a helping hand?

The story here is pretty simple: we eat food, it heads into our stomach and gets broken up, and then it moves into our gut to continue being broken up, and then absorbed into our bloodstream to be used however our bodies need it. However, our digestive systems are complex and nuanced systems, and they can sometimes become problematic, often causing irritable bowel syndrome or the like. A diet full of fiber and probiotics can be a great irritable bowel treatment, and just generally essential for keeping your digestive system in tip-top condition. Probiotic yogurts or supplements are perfect, and a bowl of high-fiber breakfast cereal every morning could be all it takes to rid you of that awkward, bloated sensation, and give you a boost of energy as a bonus.

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Are you following a regular meal routine?

How we feel is very closely connected to how we have eaten over the last 24 hours. Not only does it require good, healthy, and wholesome meals, but it’s also essential to follow a fairly regular mealtime routine. This allows your body to begin to use energy more efficiently, and gives your digestive system a helping hand too. If you eat meals at erratic times, you could find that you regularly get booms and slumps in energy as your body struggles to keep up. If you move to a system whereby you eat at the same time every day, from meals to snacks, your body and metabolism will be far more prepared to deal with the fluctuations in energy.

If you struggle with lethargy, or just feeling a bit off, consider how your diet and routine could be affecting you. It could be as simple as eating more fruit or changing your breakfast cereal, and you could feel like a whole new you.


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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored however, I believe everything included in it to be the truth.