Slay From Head To Toe With These Spring Looks.

On Trend Clothes.

Spring is a transitional season. It’s the bridge between the colder autumnal months and the warmer summer months so with this is mind, layering will be your best friend. You could team a lightweight cropped jumper with a midi skirt for a fashion-forward spring look. Alternatively, pair a printed Kenzo dress with a pastel blazer or cardigan for a laid-back look. In terms of shoes, it’s not quite time for strappy sandals just yet even though i'm the first to pull out my slider collection, you can stick to trainers and espadrilles.



Spring accessories are fun and bold so don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour to your look. Thin belts in primary colors are a great way to inject some personality. Similarly, the choker necklace has survived the winter and still remains a firm favourite, remember you can get 20% off with my Lunah Girl Code, type KOMODIA101 at the checkout to activate it. Rose gold and other lightened coloured chokers are nice in the daytime, they'll keep your outfit appropriate for spring. In terms of sunglasses the most important thing is that they suit your face shape. If you're anything like me that can be quite difficult so if you're able to, get your hands on some circular frames and reflective lenses so I can live this trend through you! 


Hair And Makeup.

Luckily, spring’s hair and makeup trends are all about loosening up and letting go. After the high maintenance regimes of winter, this is a welcomed relief. The key to nailing springs looks is to start from the basics. So that means hair and skin maintenance. This season is all about letting your natural beauty shine through, so make sure you're confident to let yours show!

If your hair is looking a bit damaged and dry ease off with the straighteners and curling wands. If you have to use your straightener or hair dryer make sure you apply a heat protector spray or serum first. We all have those weeks where hair routines take their toll or we're busy on a wash day but too much heat and too many products results in burnt hair and thats not cute. Get a moisturising repairing hair mask and use it in the shower to get some natural moisture back. Fishtail plaits are a great low-key springtime look as is the sleek look sported by Solange ( see previous link.) If you're trying to channel your Coachella style the keep it messy and textured. Alternatively, if you have an afro like me, pile yours up high for a cute ponytail.

Spring’s makeup trends are all about paring it back and keeping it nice and natural. Take a look at your skincare regime and make sure you switch your heavy moisturizers for lighter ones now that it’s warmer. Similarly, make sure you’re using an SPF daily, most foundations have SPF in it but theres no harm in double checking. In terms of makeup, less is more. Use a primer to prep your skin and follow with a sheer foundation or a BB cream. Use a highlighter down the center of your nose and cheekbones to give a healthy glow then finish with a touch of bronzer on your eyelids and cheekbones.

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Disclaimer: This post is partnered however, I believe everything included in it to be the truth.