Face your Phobias and Forget About Your Fears.

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Pretty much every single one of us has some sort of irrational fear that affects us from time to time. It might be a mild phobia like mine, screaming every time a spider scuttles across the floor or a more serious one that is preventing you from living your normal, everyday life. Though human beings have a certain amount of fear inbuilt into our psyches, if it starts to overwhelm you and stops you from functioning then it's time to take action. Many people need professional support to tackle their phobias but you may also find that you can take steps in the right direction yourself. So here are some of the top ways to overcome phobias that are negatively affecting your life.


Face Your Fears Gradually.

It is our natural instinct to avoid anything that scares us but the only way you can beat a phobia is through sustained and safe exposure. This is how you will begin to realise that the worst isn’t going to happen and you should begin to feel more confident and in control. You should start  gradually, for example if you have an overwhelming fear of the dentist, then you could try sleep dentistry as a way of getting you in the chair. Don’t rush the process but instead take it step by step and gradually you should start to build up a tolerance that you carry with you.


Train Your Mind - Learn How to Calm Down Quickly.

You will have noticed that when you start to feel afraid or anxious, you will experience some unpleasant physical symptoms like a racing heartbeat or a suffocating feeling. Social interaction with someone you trust is the best way to calm your nervous system down. If you can’t do this, movement can help so try going out for a short walk. Look out at nature or a family photo that makes you smile - anything that can take your mind off the phobia.


Practice Relaxation Techniques.

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Anxiety tends to result in us taking short, shallow breaths which can in turn, result in even worse symptoms. Deep breathing techniques can help to fight against this feeling of anxiousness. Breathing exercises and meditation are certainly something that can be practiced, so try to take the opportunity to do this whenever you can. There is plenty of advice online to help you out, so take a look at this and use these techniques to help overcome your anxiety, alternatively you could try seeing your GP.


Deal with Negative Thoughts

The final important step towards overcoming phobias is challenging unhelpful and negative thoughts. When you suffer from a phobia, you always seem to think the worst and exaggerate how bad it will be if you actually have to face your fears. You also tend to underestimate your ability to cope with the situation. Start by writing down any negative thoughts that you are having and you will be able to evaluate them more rationally. If they still seem problematic, now is the time to start coming up with solutions so you know exactly what to do if the situation does arise.


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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored however, I believe everything included in it to be the truth.