Happiness - Its all in your head.

What is the secret to happiness?

Some would say it’s following your desires, others say it’s building a legacy and one might say it’s all about self-fulfilment. Whatever your definition of happiness is, it’s safe to say that almost everyone has a slightly different definition of what happiness means to them and how to acquire it. One thing’s for certain: it’s all in your head. What counts as happiness for you might not be the same for someone else but i'm sure we can all agree that you can make yourself happy by setting and achieving your own personal goals.

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Happiness in self-image.

Your image is always going to be something that gives you confidence and the ability to brave the outside world. If you aren’t happy about your image, then you might not have the confidence to go out with friends or even be seen in public. Perhaps you feel like you are overweight, maybe you don’t like your hairstyle, or perhaps it’s something as simple as having a breakout on your face but whatever it is it's important that you learn to love your body and accept it for what it is. If you have problems with your appearance, then work on them as best as possible, that may sound rich coming from me after surgery but I'm sure you understand that no amount of gym would've bought back the fullness in my boobs.

One of the biggest misconceptions with weight is that people focus too much on the image of themselves and not what’s inside. Being overweight is unhealthy and leads to complications, so if you are worried about your self-image, don’t neglect what’s on the inside as well. There are solutions such as going on a diet or changing your eating habits, but you might also be wondering about other ways to cut your weight such as surgery. Is gastric bypass surgery a permanent solution? For many people, it’s a great start because you’ll feel confident about your image, but if you don’t work on your diet and cut down on unhealthy food and exercise more, you’ll likely continue to put on weight. Don’t focus on temporary solutions for happiness, fixate your goals on the long-term.


Happiness in fulfilment.

Another major source of happiness is feeling fulfilled. When we set goals in life, we work feverishly to try and reach them. You might tell yourself that you want to become a professional athlete, or maybe your goal is to pass university with a degree. Your goal in life may be to start a family or perhaps you’re more focused on gaining fame and making a name for yourself. Whatever it is, set yourself a goal and stick to it, don’t veer off the side and don’t lose sight of it.

Reaching your goals gives you a major sense of accomplishment but you need to be focused enough to take the right path towards it. If you want to work as an artist in the future, then study art. If you want to own a business, then start working for employers and gaining experience. The road to success, and thus happiness, is one paved with a lot of challenges, but as long as you mentally reinforce yourself and give it your best, you’ll quickly learn that nothing is impossible, you just need to be courageous and not give up when it gets hard. Remember, nothing worth having comes easy so keep going!


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Disclaimer: This post is partnered however, I believe everything included in it to be the truth.