Date night, I said Yes

On Wednesday 29th of March, I said yes. 


A normal date night turned into the most shocking, exciting and overwhelming night of my life. I should've known something spectacular was about to happen, for the first time ever I was ready before him! I snapped a cute selfie once I was ready, then on the way to the restaurant and I even took a picture complaining about my neatly presented tiny food portion, that I couldn't finish! I was stuffed so I chose not to get dessert but D did. 

Oleta Adams - "Get here" played in the background and I sang along as happiness warmed my heart, I recorded another snap and sent it to my Mum, it being her favourite song. She called me explaining that I muted it and she couldn't hear it so I sent it again. The chocolate sponge cake came and the waitress suggested we share it. D started speaking about how long we've known each other and about us moving in together and I interrupted to explain to him about the old programme called stars in your eyes. He proceeded to talk and began stuttering and looking past me but I was too interested in him getting his words out, to turn around. Before I knew it he stood up and walked round the table from his side to mine and got down on one knee, I then looked behind me and realised that people were recording and next thing I knew the whole restaurant had their eyes on us. He pulled a ring out of his back pocket and I shook my head in disbelief as tears streamed from my eyes, I remember thinking 'I can't believe this is happening, this is really happening.' He asked me to be his wife and I nodded, he slid the ring onto my finger. 

A feeling of joy and relief consumed my body and as I write this my eyes are filled with tears, remembering the feeling. I later learned that everybody was in on it, the pianist wasn't a regular performer at the restaurant in fact, he was hired after some extensive research, he was asked to arrive at 19:30 that evening and play John Legend - "all of me" during dessert which would be the green light for D to start his speech! The waitresses and waiters who served us all night knew who we were from the moment we entered the restaurant that evening, the manager and D had had several conversations and planned the whole thing, even gave him a pep talk just a few seconds before he popped the question! Our photographer was made aware that we were late so that he didn't walk in before us as i would've recognised him. The whole thing came together extremely well and I had NO idea at all surprisingly because usually I'm very inquisitive nevertheless, I waited for this moment, to be able to drop my guard completely and let go of my fears. To have a protector so I would no longer have to protect myself from the world and now thats exactly what I have. I'm extremely happy that everything's worked out well and It will definitely stay like this. 


Thank you to all those who helped make is a special night and those who have congratulated us, it's been an amazing few days. I guess now we have to discuss wedding dates but until we figure that out have a look at the full proposal video, hope you enjoy it!

Talk soon, 

KelilaJade xXx