Bicester Hotel Golf and Spa Review.

Upon arrival, we were greeted and checked in. We arrived fairly early so our rooms weren't ready yet but the gentleman at reception let us know we were more than welcome to use the spa, pool, jacuzzi and sauna while they prepared them. He suggested we use the changing rooms to get comfortable and then return to him with our luggage so he could store it for us, so we did. Delightful!

I love the attention to detail throughout the hotel and spa. I thought this paper that my food was served on was cool. 

I love the attention to detail throughout the hotel and spa. I thought this paper that my food was served on was cool. 

In our robes and slippers we ventured to find lunch which was served by a smiling waitress. We laughed and joked before heading to the pool side. The spa facilities were beautiful and clean and the atmosphere was calm. Before we arrived I booked a treatment and this massage was long overdue. The masseuse came to collect me from a warm waiting room, introduced herself and asked me a few questions on the way to her candle lit room. As she began she checked that it was ok that she pressed so deep as that's what I requested, not long after I fell asleep. Before I knew it was finished. The knots in my shoulders were gone, I felt so loose, she explained the aftercare and off I went to have a nap. 

Dinner was at 8, in the same room where we ate lunch however somehow the room looked completely different. The sounds of jazz played in the background as we were seated and our orders were taken. Our food was bought out and unfortunately they didn't have enough salmon for 3 orders and only had one portion left. We were substituted with cod instead, the down side was that we weren't warned prior to it arriving but the waitress apologised and offered us some discount. We traded dinners amongst ourselves and the waitress bought us a few extra sides. After a champagne toast to Mum and a few pictures the waitress arrived at our table carrying a small cake with 'Happy Birthday' written with chocolate sauce. Mum was happy and the night was perfect. 

The morning after it was time to hit the gym, surprisingly it was quite big and had brilliant equipment, resistance bands and weights as well as all the machines but I was still aching terribly from the previous days training so the treadmill was all I could handle. We spent the rest of the day chilling and having more treatments so we decided not to go to Bicester village as we'd planned. I know you're shocked, I was too. We finally pulled ourselves back to reality before sunset and decided to make our way home. 


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, and massage, my mum had a great birthday. We all left feeling renewed and relaxed. I would definitely recommend this spa, it has great service throughout. The people who work here go above and beyond to help and nothing is ever too much for them to do! I loved every minute of being here so I'll definitely be going back! 

Talk soon 

KelilaJade xXX