Outfit details - Choker Inspired.

This outfit was inspired by my 'Selene' choker. 

If you read my previous post then you'll know I'm a LunahGirl! I received my order and once I opened this one I knew I needed to wear it there and then, why wait? Right?

I was thinking i'll keep it monochrome for some reason and I chose a white t-shirt with a black logo that I've only worn once, last year. It has quite a high neck and the choker just didn't sit right with it so I took it upon myself to customise it till it did. I snipped around the neck and tore it all the way around so it became off the shoulder. The arms looked too neat so I tore those off too and ended up with this. 

I rarely plan my outfits but my go-to colour is black, I also love the particular jeans I chose this day because they're high waisted, soft and fit nicely so they're easy to wear.

I'm happy with the the final look, as I said it wasn't planned, just needed to wear the choker! What do you think? Have you ever done something so crazy? 

Earrings - Unsure (Christmas Present)

Bracelet - Thomas Sabo 

Choker - LunahLondon "Selene" in black 

T-shirt - Primark 

Jeans - New Look 

Trainers - Nike




Disclaimer: This post is sponsored however, I would never knowingly publish anything untruthful.