5 Gifts that show you care.

5 Gifts that show you care. 


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Many of us want to show how much we care by getting the perfect gift for our loved one; this can range from the most expensive to a more thoughtful and handmade item that offers a personal touch that can help you reminisce on treasured moments. So, if you're struggling to find something to show the special person in your life that you care, these five items that are likely to have them grinning when they're opened. 


A Memory Book.

Making treasured memories are special but sometimes keeping those memories alive and safe can be hard, which is why keeping them safe in something like a memory book is a great idea. It can be an incredibly thoughtful and loving gift to give to a partner for any occasion, I have one and we often go through it to add pictures or just to remember past times.   

There are few things that are nicer to receive than a collage of treasured memories, because not only does it show that these moments are meaningful to you, but it gives you both a chance to think back. In addition to photographs, make sure you keep old tickets, receipts, or packing from magical moments and keep them all together in a safe place until you have time to make your scrapbook. Another nice touch, is to include a few written stories that describe a fond memory or feeling you felt in that particular moment.  Everyone likes to feel special and significant; this is a very cost effective way to achieve that.




A diamond is a classic way of showing that you care; traditionally, a partner buys a diamond ring to get engaged, diamonds are given as a 60th wedding anniversary gift, and a set of diamond earrings are most girls dream gift.  However, as diamonds are a natural product with varying degrees of quality, which come in all different shapes and sizes, it can sometimes be daunting to know how to choose the right diamond; the best advice on this front is to make sure that you do your research and buy from a reputable dealer that can provide advice rather than salesmanship - in doing these two things you should be able to ensure you get what you actually pay for.



Take a trip.

Arranging a trip away doesn’t have to break the bank, with many airlines having frequent sales there are many budget flights available to your dream places.  Surprise that person who means a lot to you with a long weekend away. Check out places on Airbnb or accomodation on search engine websites to find some great deals.



A special playlist.

With many music streaming applications out there, it's so easy now to make a playlist. Places like  Spotify, amazon music, Apple music have such a variety of songs and albums, it's barely straight forward to put together a playlist of songs that mean something to you both. Make sure you include a range of your favourite songs.



Something useful.

The majority of people like to receive something they ‘want’ rather than something they ‘need’, the dreaded yet surprisingly useful gift of socks is partly due to the fact it’s not a very fun or desirable product.  However, imagine you’ve noticed a family member doesn't have a coat hook to hang coats in their new house; going out of your way to get this item can be a very thoughtful way to show you care.  It doesn’t have to cost much - but by being observant and wanting to help can touch people in ways expensive gifts simply cannot.

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