Ways to change up your hair for winter.


When it comes to hair I think it’s safe to say that we all get bored and want to change up our looks every now and again. It’s one of the things that we can often want to change the most! Fashions come and go, and we add to our wardrobes over the years, but there’s nothing like the excitement you feel when you're about to switch up your hair and beauty looks. As the seasons change, it can often feel like the perfect time of year to be working on a new look for yourself too. Regardless of what you’ve rocked this past summer, if you're like me you'll want to change it up for winter. If you’re not sure how, here are a few ideas to work with.


Reverse your style.

It’s easy to get set in your ways with hair, in fact, it’s the most safe thing but you have to be able to let yourself get creative with things if you want to change up your look. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do anything over the top, especially if you've never had anything similar to what you're about to try. Sometimes, your change can be something so simple. Like reversing what you have, for example if you usually wear your hair curly then you could try wearing it straight. If your go-to is a sleek look, opt for some big curls to switch the style up.


Try a new colour. 

After your style, there’s also the colour to think about. You’re going to want to play around with the tones you’re currently rocking if you want things to look and feel different. This will often depend on your natural hair colour and skin tone, so speak to colourist and see what they suggest. While you can go blonde, red, brunette, or even a more creative colour, they can advise you on whether you need to go warm or cool to keep things looking good.


Get a weave. 

From here, you could also think about going longer. When you’ve had short hair for awhile, you don’t always want to wait the years it can take to grow out your hair. So that’s where tape in hair extensions can come in. You can get yourself the length you want super quick, and have a lot fun rocking your new locks too.


Change your cut.

You could just get a new cut altogether. If you already have long hair and you want a change, extensions might be pointless so instead, you may want to think about heading to the salon and coming out with a brand new cut. Something shorter and sleeker could be exactly what you need for a new look.


Rotate your look.

If you often find that you get a bit indecisive about what you want, then you don’t really have to commit to just one look if you don’t want to. That’s where wigs come in! You can invest in some amazing wigs that will allow you to rock long hair one day and short the next; not to mention a wide range of colours too.


Get some Braids.

Braids are a great way to change your look and if done correctly can help to protect your hair and help it grow too, so they're often worn as a protective style. Wearing your hair in various types of single braids can be incredibly versatile too, allowing you to style the hair as if its your own. It also means you can add length and colour and not have to commit to it.


These are just a few ways you could change your hair style, there are so many more. If these suggestions haven't helped, why not find a salon and ask a professional for their advice? 


Speak soon, 

KelilaJade xXx





Disclaimer: This post is partnered however the views are all my own.