Brace Journey Update 1 - Two weeks with braces

Don't laugh! This has been my life for the past few weeks, I'm slowly getting used to it. 

Don't laugh! This has been my life for the past few weeks, I'm slowly getting used to it. 

So, I’ve officially had braces for two weeks and two days and although it hasn’t been terrible, but believe me when I say it’s not easy. I’m going to give you a breakdown of what the first week was like and then answer a few questions I’ve been asked since having them. 


Brace diary. 



The first day I got them the pain didn’t kick in till a few hours after, which is exactly what the dentist said would happen. Initially they felt weird in my mouth and a little bit achy then as the day went on it got progressively worse. Who knew that your teeth could be so sensitive? I’ve suffered a tooth ache before but this was different. Luckily I ate pasta before the pain started so I didn’t struggle too much, then I took two paracetamol because I felt like I’d been kicked in the face. The inside of my cheek was being torn up by the wire on the back of my brace, it would literally get caught on my cheek and I’d have to try and unhook it. I was so desperate that I went to Asda at 11pm and managed to find Bonjela, which I applied was a barrier about 8 times before I fell asleep.  


Day 2&3  

I was in Amsterdam and I managed to put some cake on my tongue and eat it. I’m just going to say, whatever they put in that cake is a God send because suddenly my teeth didn’t feel that sensitive but who knew you could bang your teeth so many times? When sometime hurts it always seems to get caught or bumped somehow. 


Days 4&5 

My teeth felt ok and my gums were building a resistance against the wire. I was able to eat with my side teeth but still hadn’t mastered how to chew very well, I was literally learning how to chew again baring in mind that if I eat anything too hard e.g crusty bread, I’d be paying £10 to fix the bracket or wire. I've also had to cut up my food into small pieces to make eating easier. LOL


Days 6&7 

Each day only got better but the front teeth are the ones that are most twisted therefore they’re most sensitive as they’re being moved the most. I’m still unable to bite into food with them and I’m being warned by people I know who’ve had braces before that when I go back to have them tightened I’ll have to go through the pain all over again. That won’t be until the end of November, so at least I won’t be in pain around my birthday. Overall the first week wasn't too bad but I'd definitely say the first few days are the worst.


I thought I was quite prepared for my braces having asked lots of questions and watching youtube videos prior to getting them. I like to be organised and know what’s going to happen when it comes to things like this however I don’t think I had enough information on how much it would hurt and what eating with braces would be like amongst a few other issues I've run in to these past few weeks. I hope the answers to these questions help you but If you have any more questions please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message. 

Literally felt like this was in my mouth for the first few days. 

Literally felt like this was in my mouth for the first few days. 



Q1: Where did you get them done? 

 After thinking about braces for such a long time, contemplating whether I wanted Invisalign or metal braces, A place called ODL dental was recommended to me by another lady I know that has them. I looked at their website and she told me how much hers were going to cost. The number was in my phone book for at least 8 months before I contacted them but I'm glad I finally did. I'm happy that I chose them to do my braces, everything is going well so far.


Q2: How long do you need to have them for? 

My Orthodontist says between 6-9 months if everything goes according to plan. The thing with this is you never know how your teeth are going to react when it comes to this. There are things that can delay the straightening process so I just have to keep my fingers crossed that all goes well. 


Q3: Do braces hurt? 

Yes. It’s bareable, kinda but it definitely hurts. It’s a weird uncomfortable feeling and who knew you touched your teeth so much? The first few days are the worst but now I’m kinda used to it. I’ve heard that when they get tightened it’s going to be bad and I’ll be drinking soups for days. 


Q4: How did you decide between Invisalign and metal? 

To be honest, I feel like Invisalign takes ages and costs a lot just because they’re clear. I understand some people may have jobs that requires them to be presented in a certain way but mine doesn’t. When I saw the benefits of having the metal ones I didn’t even look at the other options cause this works the quicker and it’s the least expensive so what more is there to discuss? The only downside is that they’re visible and they draw attention to my teeth that I already hate. I don’t like that if I’m honest but they’ll be off before you know it so I’ll deal with it for a few months. 


Q5: Have you changed your toothpaste, what do you use? 

I personally changed my toothpaste and mouthwash cause I just feel like I need to take extra care of my teeth not. I have two toothpastes, one for general cleaning and to protect my gums and one for whitening. I also use so many tooth picks and various things because food being stuck between your braces and teeth is not cute and is uncomfortable so I tend to carry specific tooth picks with me and a small bottle of mouth wash. I have an electric and a manual toothbrush which I had before anyway but I would definitely recommend getting an electric one if you don't already have one, it just makes things easier as you'll be brushing your teeth at least 3/4 times a day.


Q6: Is eating difficult? 

Omg yes! Especially the first few days, it was actually so long and I had to learn to eat all over again. Even now I’m worried about my braces when I eat in case they break. I also have to cut my food up because my two front teeth are still very sensitive as they’re the ones that need straightening. I’m always using my side teeth to bite into things. It's difficult but you do get used to it slowly but surely.


Q7: How much do they cost ? 

To have your braces fitted you need to meet the Orthodontist and have a talk about what it is you want to achieve, you also have a quick check up of your teeth to check everything is alright and you’re ok to go ahead. That’s £20. 

You then book another appointment where you get your X-rays, records and pictures taken which is another £70/£80

After that I was ready to have them fitted. Altogether metal braces cost £900 at ODL but because I only have braces on my top it’s half the price, £450. 

I chose to pay for my braces in two instalments, you can choose to spread it over more time but I didn’t want to be paying for them for a long time and I didn’t want the cost to accumulate. 

Every 6-8 weeks I have to have my braces tightened which costs £70 and if I accidentally break them it’s £10to fix. 

To remove the braces costs £70 and after they’re removed I also need a retainer to ensure my teeth stay in place which costs £80 - £100. 

So it depends how long you have your braces for as to how much yours will cost. I’ve seen other orthodontists charging much more. Another thing to consider is that different types of braces vary in cost too but not every type of brace will work for everyone’s teeth so the dentist will tell you if you’re able to achieve your desired look with the braces you want. 

Here are the instruments I use day to day. I also have some gummy stuff that I stick on my braces when they're irritating my gums. I'll try to remember to include that in my next post. 

Here are the instruments I use day to day. I also have some gummy stuff that I stick on my braces when they're irritating my gums. I'll try to remember to include that in my next post. 


I hope this post was helpful to you if you’ve though about getting braces or are about to have them. Please leave any comments or questions you have below and I’ll answer them as best as I can. 


Talk soon, 

KelilaJade xXx