Choke me like you mean it, LunahLondon.

Chokers are back in and I love them! 

I remember as a little girl we all wanted to have those little plastic ones that linked and you weren't cool if you didn't have one. Now, that particular one wouldn't be my first choice but these beauties were. 

Choker names (Top to Bottom) Selene - Black, Gold Dust and Bendis - Black.

Choker names (Top to Bottom) Selene - Black, Gold Dust and Bendis - Black.

I ordered these a few days ago, they arrived yesterday and of course I had to wear one straight away so I styled my outfit around this beauty! This isn't an outfit post so I won't stray too much but let's just say I went to what some might call "extreme" lengths, to wear it which i'll tell you more about in the next post. 

LunahLondon are an on trend company that stock gorgeous chokers for every occasion, whether you're popping to the shop or going to the MET Gala they've got one for you. 

Bendis - Black 

Bendis - Black 

I was recently chosen to work alongside them so throughout the next year so I'll be updating you guys whenever they have a new collection.

This is just a short post to share the code I was given for my lovely readers to enjoy 20% off any choker on the site! Apply "KOMODIA101" at the checkout and get this discount. Enjoy!

Talk soon! 

KelilaJade xXx



Disclaimer: This post is sponsored however, I would never knowingly publish anything untruthful.