Autumn/Winter Biker jacket

Sunday, 16 October 2016

I'm back! I know it's been a while (sheepishly checks the date on last post) nevertheless I'm here and it's all thanks to this fabulous coat I just had to share with you. 

Up until last week I was out in my sliders (which I wear religiously) and when I started to compose this post I became sick from the change of weather. Anyway, as the seasons change I like to prepare and I remember as I was growing up some of my friends didn't like to wear coats as they thought it ruined their outfit, I personally disagreed as I'd find coats/jackets to compliment what I wore plus I hated being cold and still do. I began looking for warm and stylish coats for me to rock this 
Autumn/winter and came across this beauty.
I ordered the jacket the same day I saw it and it was delivered a few days after. I unwrapped the coat and as I imagined it was everything I hoped for. It's stylish, versatile and most importantly it's warm, I bought a large so I'm able to fit thick jumpers underneath. 

I know by now you're probably thinking, so where is it from? 

(click here) > Zara The price may look a bit steep but trust me it's worth it! I know it's going to be my go to coat this autumn/winter and like previous Zara coats I've invested in, it will last a lifetime. 

I must say that missguided have a very similar one too in tan however I wanted to make sure I had my staple colour first before branching out, know what I mean? 

Talk to you soon x 

Let's talk about braids.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

As you may've seen in my last few insta posts I decided to 'switch it up'. I got braids which I haven't had for a few years. 

For those of you that know me well you'll vouch for me when I say that when I have an idea about hair I make my decision in 0.4 seconds and if I can't do it myself I ask my dear mother to assist and that's what I did. I saw these pictures on Instagram and decided to combine elements of them. 

I wanted my partings to be a similar shape to this

with this size braid 

I used synthetic hair by a brand called ' expressions' in colour 1 for the front of my hair which is black and colour BG as its the closest I could find to match my pinkish/burgundy hair at the back. Even though the braids are obviously not my real hair I'm very particular when it comes to extensions and colours so having it exact or as close as possible is important to me. I'm happy with the end result, what do you think? 

Braids are currently trending as you've probably seen on Instagram or various other social networking sites. However for myself and many Afro Caribbean and African women this is how we've done our hair for centuries, we grew up with out mothers plaiting our hair in cute styles for school and even before school started it was a way of making our hair more manageable, a way to ensure our hair stayed neat for a few days or even weeks and it's a versatile protective style. There's much more to braids and canerows than just a trend and I only named a few. 

What's your favourite braided style? 

Rihanna Antiworldtour - What I wore

Thursday, 30 June 2016

I haven't been to a concert since my Mum gifted me with Alicia keys tickets for Christmas which was around 2008 and although I LOVE music and absolutely ADORE Miss Keys, the truth is we were immature as my friend and I left early to ensure we got to an event called "Dancefeva" before last entry. I hang my head in shame when I say that but hey! I was young and clubbing seemed more important. 

When my friend asked me if I wanted to go to the Rihanna concert I just thought why not? I didn't expect that I'd have such a good time and I agreed as it was a chance to catch up with her and have some fun before my op.

29/06/15 came and I travelled to Manchester from London Euston after my night shift, running on an hour sleep (during my break) and fuel from a chicken and sweetcorn upper crust sandwich and still lemonade. I attempted to sleep on the train but failed as I couldn't get a window seat. By the time I nodded off twice I was in Manchester and on my way to the hotel to meet  my girl. 

After planning an outfit she forgot to pack it and so we ended up in Selfridges in an attempt for her to throw something together. Any excuse to shop! As we shopped we became dizzy and knew we needed sleep. After an hours nap it was time to get our glad rags on and make our way.

We arrived and Big Sean was performing and getting the crowd hype, before we knew it the Queen graced the stage in an all cream attire, hoodie up and her thigh high boots which she created with Manolo blanik. I explained to my friend that I thought Drake would appear at this particular concert because he didn't go to Wembley and I highly doubt he would go to Glasgow. I said it with a slight doubt but my intuition was right! She brought Drake along with her and of course we screamed with disbelief when his face appeared on the screen and screamed even louder when we witnessed their hug and a little twerk session. 
The night was epic and I'm so glad I went. We're now considering Queen B at the end of July but we'll see. 

Here's what I wore inspired by Rihanna, Details below. 

Hair: Yummy extensions 
Jacket: Mango
Jersey: a gift (can be bought online)
Bag: Dune
Boots: River Island - purchased from Asos.

Most people wore wellies or trainers but as the saying goes "you can never be overdressed or overeducated" more importantly, we had seats of course which meant we could rest our feet at any time, we're no longer the spring chickens we used to be! 

Talk to you soon X 

My Boob journey

Friday, 24 June 2016

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm having surgery! I've decided to share this with my readers because it's part of my journey. The help, support and positivity I've had from "the bustmob" has been so encouraging that I'd like to offer my story to women considering the same procedure as me. It's become apparent that a lot of women are unhappy within themselves and do nothing about it. The women in this group are different, they're determined to be happy and support everyone in their journey through the highs and lows. My hope is that my journey helps someone that sees it and encourages them to do what makes them happy.

There are lots of different reasons people have surgery, for me this was a decision I made when I miscarried. The pregnancy effected me both physically and mentally and whilst I'm able to cope with my emotions it doesn't help seeing the physical effects that remain regardless. 

My date is booked, it's all paid for and I'm so excited I think I might explode! I'm 13days pre op and when my *Bustmob* ladies said it would go by quickly I thought "yeah right" but it's flying by and I'm trying to gather everything I need and get a few fun activites in before I'm bed bound for a while.
I like to think my pain threshold is quite high so hopefully I won't be off my feet for too long but I'll update you in my vlogs. 

I had two consultations before choosing my surgeon and I went with the second one. They were both from different companies but I chose The Hospital Group. They're international, have over 20 years of cosmetic surgery and they own the biggest purpose built hospital in Europe so I'm excited to be under their care. I also know two women who have had their BA with them and have since met many more who have great testimonies. 

My Surgeon is Mr Samouris who has worked over seas as well as for the NHS which further contributed to my decision, most importantly he listened and empathised then reiterated what I explained and advised me accordingly. 

After taking some measurements my PS gave me a few choices of sizes ranging from 410ccs - 475ccs which should take me from a C cup to a DD at most. I'm leaning towards 440ccs however I'll let the surgeon do what he thinks is best according to my body width and frame. 

These are my stats. 
Surgery date: 9th July 2016
Pre BA 
Height: 5'6
Weight: 65kg
Before surgery: 34C no upper pole. 
Implant size: 410cc-475cc
Type: Motiva Silicone Silk surface
Placement: Under the muscle
Profile: Ultra high profile 
Texture: Corse 
Shape: Round 
Incision: Inframammary (in the crease)

Please don't misunderstand me, my aim isn't to have a massive Katie Price chest, I'd simply like some volume and upper pole. It may sound silly to some and I know i'm my worse critic I've been told numerous times by friends that I don't need them but this should further support my statement when I say it's not for anybody but MYSELF. 
It's more of a want than a need however I know this will make me happier and you can't put a price on happiness .. Right? 

Of course I've been shopping and if you have me on snapchat you'll see that the preparation I've been doing for this surgery has literally taken over my life. From chair pillows to ice packs and a drinking cup with a straw, all of them were recommendations made for my recovery. 

I also took advantage of the Victoria secrets sale even though I don't know what size I'll be I made a guesstimate as I needed post surgery bras and I like to have options. 

I'll share a bit more closer to the time and if you have any questions feel free to drop me a message, make sure you're following me on Instagram and have subscribed to my YouTube channel for updates. 

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I am in no way promoting plastic surgery however I do think everybody should do what's best for themselves as long as they're not hurting anybody in the process. 

*Bustmob* - a private group on Facebook containing ladies that are pre and post augmentation. We advise and support eachother through the journey as well as ask any questions we might have.  Let me know if you'd like me to add you. 

Fitness, boobs and bralets

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

So I finally done it. I got back in the gym, then to top it off I went to track with my cousin to train, boy am I feeling it today. My legs feel like they're about to give way when I walk and let me not even get started on attempting to climb the stairs or trying to sit on the toilet. Why didn't anybody tell me it would hurt this bad? I forgot that the first days back are the worst but on the brighter side it's given me an excuse to purchase cute gym clothes which should arrive soon. 

I was always quite active in my younger days, it was only shortly after university when I stopped competing at dance competitions that I slowed down. Dancing was a way of keeping fit although I didn't do it for that reason but purely from my love to dance, it worked. With the gym it's different, it's not like the studio where I was in my element, I still feel a bit out of place and when that's paired with lack of motivation the need for a gym buddy or personal trainer arises. Thankfully I found somebody willing to work with me who also felt it necessary to give me a 7.53am wake up call to tell me to be at the gym for 11am. 

Even though it seems like I'm moaning I'm glad I did it as getting fit was another one of my goals for this year but now I need to remain consistent. I've been making some pretty big changes in 2016 in hope of enhancing my current happiness. When looking back on my goals for this year I've reached a few, some of  them are endless, a few I've met and others are a work in progress. 

I've definitely travelled more, I got a new job role with less working days but more pay and now I just need to remain committed to a healthier lifestyle and body. Life is about being happy at the end of the day regardless of what that looks like to others, as long as you're not harming anyone in the process it's all good, which brings me to my next topic. 

In August last year I shared my miscarriage story with you and although I didn't go into details about how the loss of my son affected me physically and mentally any human would know that it did. I've been saying it for a while now and my close friends didn't think I was serious until I told them I've chosen the surgeon and booked the date. Yep, I'm getting my boobs done. This has literally been taking up so much of my time since I decided to bite the bullet and take the steps towards it which is one of the reasons why I haven't been blogging much.

I'm so lucky to have come across a great community of women from all over the world that welcomed me into a private Facebook group all about boobs and women that are thinking of having surgery or have already had surgery. They've been so helpful thus far, helping me not feel like I'm alone in this, they understand and are non judgemental. It's like a little boob community. For this reason I'd like to share my journey in hope that someone who needs it will see it. 
I understand that not everybody is going to agree and understand my decision but the only people that matter to me are the people that were by my hospital bedside and with me through my darkest hours. 


So of course I've been shopping as I'll have to wear sports bras after my op and here are a few I've purchased and a few that I'm desperate to buy but I can't as I don't know what size I'll end up. I'll just keep them on my wish list for now. 


Top by Missguided on Asos 

If you'd like to support me through my journey or you feel it may be beneficial to you or if you just wanna be nosey then watch this space for more posts, also make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and are following my on Instagram so you don't miss anything! I hope to post weekly updates till my surgery and start to vlog about two weeks before. 

Feel free to message me any questions you might have and I'll include them in the next post☺️

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Talk to you soon x 

Dubai what I wore - Swimwear

Monday, 2 May 2016

Summer is getting closer, flights are getting booked up and women are on their " no carbs before Marbs" diets. 

It's so important not only to look good but to feel good too! Having the right swimwear contributes to that and
while I was away I had a few ladies ask me where my swimwear was from which is why we're here, I'm going to share where I got my beachwear and I'll also give you the details of my beach essentials. 

Bikini - Victoria's Secret 
Hat - Accessorize
Sunglasses - Valentino

Bikini - Victoria's Secret
Kimono - New look 
Trousers - Boohoo 
Sunglasses - D&G

Bikini - Asos 
Dress - Zara
Sunglasses - Primark

Bikini - Boohoo 
Cover up - Pretty little thing 
Sunglasses - Valentino

Bikini top - Asos 
Bikini bottoms - New look 

Bikini - Boohoo 
Sunglasses - D&G

Top - Maniere de voir 
Slides - Nike 
Anklet - Thomas Sabo 
Sunglasses - Valentino

No matter what I wore on the beach I kept these items in my beach bag. 

Elizabeth Arden - 8 hour lip balm & Hand cream 
Lipstick - Chanel 
Sunglasses - Valentino 
Mirror - YSL
Mini perfume - Escada - Sexy Graffiti
Conditioner - Aussie Miracle moist 
And of course coconut water to stay hydrated! 

Where are you off to this year and what are your holiday essentials? 


The truth about Dubai

Monday, 18 April 2016

I know you've all heard stories about the United Arab Emirates and the laws of their land, probably stories about people being arrested for "no reason" then tortured to death and all that jazz so I thought I'd share my experience of Dubai for those who haven't been and those who missed out on my snapchat stories. 

Initially I was scared, I took extra time and consideration when packing my case and I kept making jokes to my friend that I went with about being arrested for wearing inappropriate clothing. I made sure that my outfits for leaving the hotel were respectful and that I was covered because at the end of the day I was in a Muslim country and "when in Rome" ... Right? 

I have a friend living in Dubai that assured me it's not as bad as everyone says it is and that it's quite lenient in comparison to places like Saudi. 

On arrival.  
The women were fully covered in their traditional black robes with their heads covered and the men wore similar but in white also with their heads covered, I felt like I was in a movie and I could already feel a different culture, I know that might sounds odd. 

We were transferred to the hotel and were greeted by the hotel staff who opened our taxi doors every time we came and left. 
Jumeirah Zabeel Saray entrance. 

It was luxurious and automatically we were surrounded by other holiday makers walking around in shorts and other "revealing" garments, I let out a sigh of relief as I knew that it wasn't as bad as the media shows. Nobody turned up their noses or cared but I guess the staff are accustomed to it. The hotel staff were always polite and did more than enough to make us feel welcome regardless of what we wore and although this was the case I still made an effort to make sure I was covered when inside the hotel until I got to the beach. 

The mall, restaurants and clubs. 
We visited the biggest mall twice, I'm still convinced I didn't see all of the shops as it has four floors. It even has an aquarium! 
Dubai Mall aquarium.

Although I was fully covered I did see a few heads turn but that happens in England too so maybe I just look strange! Lol. In the mall people wore anything they wanted although I rarely saw anybody in shorts, I saw a few ladies in dresses and heels and assumed that they were possibly going to a club. The restaurants we visited were The black lion, Time of Arabia, La Cantine and Zuma. We went to Provocateur and Club Crystal after the last two restaurants so I dressed accordingly. The clubs felt like a good night out in London. The only thing that put me off is that smoking IS still allowed! I'm still shocked by this as I thought those days were gone, obviously not! I would say that it seems if you're not on a guest list or have a table it doesn't seem as easy to get into the clubs. 
To give you an idea of what I wore outside the hotel here are some pictures and details. 
Restaurant - The Black Lion

Cardigan: Asos
Top: French connection 
Jeans: Fashion Nova 
Flip flops: Vivienne Westwood (Asos)
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Restaurant - Time of Arabia 

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Zara
Sandals: Topshop 

Restaurant - La Cantine 

Dress: River Island 
Shoes: Office 
Bag: Dune 

Restaurant - Zuma

Bodysuit: Asos
Skirt: Missguided
Shoes: Public Desire 

As I said earlier when travelling to other countries it's important that you bare in mind various cultures and beliefs. I think that when you're in another country that's not your own you should try your best to abide by their rules and if you don't like it then don't visit! I personally had a fabulous time in Dubai, had no trouble at all, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and didn't want to come home! I'll definitely be going back. 

Have you been to Dubai? How did you find it? 

For more pictures visit my Instagram - Kelilajade